The one and only tomato plant bought and planted as a seedling. It seemed promising in the first 7 weeks, until giving way to the summer heat and possibly tomato blight.

1 month after transplant

For the longest time, it had only 1 fruit despite seeing flowers around. Then I learnt that all that is required is a slight tingle on the flowers to mimic the actions of pollinating insects. Apparently the male bits reside on top of the flowers and needs to be dropped to the bottom tip to pollinate the flower. Talk about learning something new everyday.

For now, the plant really doesn’t look too good. With most of the original stem’s leaves affected.

8-10 weeks after transplant. Not looking too good. Perhaps blight has set in

We did manage to save and pick the one and only tomato to date. On a consolatory note, it was pretty decent in size and flavour.

More fruits have popped up on the old stalk and new shoots have been growing from the sides. Hopefully they do not get affected by the same symptoms after the affected leaves and branches from the original stem are trimmed off.

Week 16 update: Uprooted and destroyed the plant since it no longer looked healthy. ┬áLeaving the plot empty for now…maybe will plant okra or corn in its place when the weather turns warmer. oh well….


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