Finishing up

Lil Pinkxi getting some sun and helping with the shovelling. I even got her her very own mini shovel.

Took a couple of days to source and laid out the cardboard before weedmat was spread over. Areas, especially the edges, near the fence and boundary with the lawn, were laid with double layer weedmat. I had actually purchased those weedmat pins but found them to be redundant once the crushed rock and toppings were piled on.  I had enough to pile up to about 8 cm above the weed barrier.  The pavers were from our fav Bunnings outlet and they were absolutely essential since they formed the path for the wheelbarrow.

As we are noobs to this vege growing thingy, we decide to play safe by getting the least challenging plants to start with. Over the next couple of weeks, we planted some seedlings from the commercial nurseries. Kiddo was keen to try out strawberries, after having gone on a berry picking trip this summer. She was also remarkable in remembering that Bunnings stock okra seedlings despite me not ever pointing them out to her on our previous trips to their nursery, so for that we decided to try them out.

The seedings/cuttings we decided to plant included:

  • climbing snow peas
  • climbing beans
  • lebanese cucumbers
  • tomato
  • strawberries
  • daikons
  • potatoes
  • carrots
  • broccoli
  • malabar spinach
  • lettuce
  • bokchoy
  • kailan (courtesy of Uncle David)
  • chives (courtesy of MIL’s friend)
  • pepino (courtesy of MIL)
  • mint (courtesy of MIL)

Kiddo was also very impressive in remembering where what were planted.

We spotted a pretty affordable trellis arch in Bunnings too, though i had to do a bit of DIY to attach on a 10×10 cm wire netting to facilitate the climbing plants. Kiddo helped with the assembling and tieing of the netting to the arches.

The only retiree in the house posing in front of the vege garden

Now that everything(?) is in place, we’ll seat back and watch what survives and thrives.