Replanting for Spring

Have replanted the snowpeas, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, beans over the past month……and trimmed down the coriander, broccoli and kailan down to a more manageable size. Not surprising, no one said no to free veg trimmings especially the coriander! 🙂

We have also been cooking up the flowers and pods from broccoli and kailan cos it seemed such a waste to just have the leaves. The only issue is that the top bits of the florets tend to be clustered with grey aphids and these had to be picked off while harvesting. Anyway the stalks are quite fibrous and most were not that palatable (the wife likened veg servings at dinner these days to be like eating weeds). Guess we’ll have to figure out the best way to compost the tough bits soon.

Been trimming this bunch down for the past 2 months. but just seem to eat faster than it grows
A transplanted xiaobaicai that has grown to quite a tall stalk. never seen a xbc grown to this stage before.
snowpeas 1 week after planting in end Aug
snowpeas in sept. 3-4 weeks after they are planted from seeds
by sept we have a couple of lettuce that are ready for harvesting
and patiently waiting for the garlic……
after 3 weeks, the bokchoi seedlings have emerged in Sept
& so have the kailan seedlings