Daikon Update

Decided to leave a few bigger daikons to bolt over the past 2 months and hopefully the pods can be harvested at a later date. Turns out we have acquired a taste of all parts of the daikon from the root to pods. The greens were great as stirfry but hell, it’s the pods, when eaten raw, packs a spicy aftertaste that is similar to¬†wasabi.

Small pretty daikon flowers
Since July these have grown up to about 1.5m tall by August
One for dinner
the top should have been covered more carefully. over time it turns green and develops a more fibrous skin
Dinner = Shomen with stirfry pork belly and daikon greens in daikon broth
Baby daikon pods

By Sept, the pods are like peanuts-sized
The pods are now so heavy that they are drooping to its sides