Malabar Spinach

Found another type of leafy climber to plant in the vege garden – the Malabar SpinachThey took about a month to germinate (I had not read the instructions that came with it….ideally the seeds should be sandpapered/ filed down slightly).  They sprout very fleshy leaves which are very tolerant of direct sun. I had them grown next to the climbing beans….while the beans had their leaves scorched, these guys look all green and fresh.

4 weeks after sowing
2.5 months after sowing

I’d read that they are not real spinach but another type of vine plant and the leaves are edible and may be used in salads. It’d taken almost 3 months to see the climbers reach up the trellis,  guess it’ll take a while more before i’d harvest them for a salad or stirfry.

3 months after sowing.