Lebanese Cucumbers

We bought a punnet of lebanese cucumber seedlings from Bunnings without really thinking that they would survive the summer heat after the transplant. Not only have they survived , they have produced about 8 fruits so far (we have harvested 3).

3 weeks after transplant

We added a pvc trellis behind and trained the branches to climb. The trellis is simply placed onto screwed in hooks on the fence. Hopefully it will be able to take the weight of the plants and their fruits. A gap had been left between the trellis and the fence so that there can be easier access to whatever fruits that chose to pop up behind it.

First flowers
First fruit. about 8 weeks after transplant
Since they are new, they have been growing close to the ground
Glad to see that there had been no pest attacks on these

Plastic bags are used to cover (not wrap) the fruits, shielding them from the summer sun and hopefully eyes of birds. So far, none of the fruits have been pecked on…so fingers crossed that my reflective cds are indeed effective in deterring the feathered kind.

2.5 months after transplanting
3 months after transplanting. Perhaps I need to fix on another trellis to their left soon

They do not grow very long, but have decent girth.  They are mildly sweet and have edible soft seeds. More on what we did to them can be read here.

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