Other potted inhabitants

Other potted inhabitants in our backyard that have existed long before the vege garden project.

Dwarf Beans

The dwarf beans have been quite productive over the past months and we have had a good supply of beans for our stirfrys and omelets. The leaves were so badly scorched that it had to be moved to a more shaded location on the side of the house.

dwarf beans

A couple of beans were also planted from seeds in separate pots and they have taken off rather quickly too.

Daun Kesum

Another favourite of mine is the Laksa Leaf. This have been grown from cuttings from Emilia.

daun kesum (vietnamese coriander / laksa leaf)

The Laksa leaf is doing well despite having gone through a really bad ‘dry spell’, i need to google what else i can do with them other then using them for the occasional laksa.

Spring onion

Another staple is the spring onion…a plant which you never have to buy again if you save the bulb and roots and replant them in a pot.

Spring onion

Grown from cuttings, courtesy of the MIL. For some strange reasons, they flowered very briefly but had fallenĀ from the plant within a couple of days. Just keeping fingers crossed that they survive and will probaby be transplanted into a bigger pot.

The Backup Tomato & a Struggling Mint

Grown from seeds, what you see here are 3 surviving tomato plants recently transplanted into a 40 cm pot. The mint from a cutting is clinging on……hope it makes it.

Bird’s Eye Chilli

The longest surviving plant we ever owned. It has been through much and yet it still bears a few chillis now and then. Recently transplanted from pot to the ground….hopefully it likes the view there better.

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